Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai is a personal finance blog site. Sam Dogen retired from investment banking at age 34 and now writes with the intent of “slicing through money’s mysteries” and helping others achieve financial freedom. Not only have I had the honor of designing the Financial Samurai logo,  I have also had the opportunity to do some editorial illustration for his blog through the years. As his audience builds, his brand has evolved, and thus so has my style of illustration for the site.


Editorial Illustration for Financial Samurai, “Investing Lessons from a Surreal 2017



samurai warrior [Recovered]
Editorial illustration for “Financial Samurai Mid-Year 2017 Investment Review


piggy ottoman
Editorial illustration for “The Definition of a Middle Class Is the Same as It Ever Was




Basic RGB
Editorial illustration for “Your Investment Mistake May Actually Be and Investment Win



Editorial illustration for Financial Samurai, using paper collage
Editorial illustration for “Your Chances of Becoming a Millionaire



Editorial illustration for FS, using paper collage
Editorial illustration for “Why the Rich Should Pay Higher Rents



Money Talk Lo
Editorial illustration for “Why Is It so Hard to Ask for what We’re Worth?



And here are two more illustrations that didn’t make it to publication, but I’m quite fond of them nonetheless…





Carving up a dollar