Groundfloor Exercise Studio

Groundfloor Exercise Studio
is among the first Pilates centers established in NYC and offers its clientele plenty of hands-on, individual attention.

In addition to wanting to convey the warm and personal nature of the studio, the current business owner expressed annoyance at being constantly asked if the second floor establishment was originally at street level. “Groundfloor” is actually a reference to the pelvic floor and the Pilates principle of grounding all movement with the body’s strong core muscles. The client needed the new logo to convey this concept.

We needed to establish that Groundfloor is about Pilates, even though the word “Pilates”—for various reasons—is not in the business name. So we included a figure in that quintessential Pilates exercise of the Hundred. The floor is highlighted in chartreuse, which seeps into the brushstroke representing the figure’s core as if the figure was drawing energy from the ground beneath it. To further clarify the connection to Pilates, I suggested adding the tagline, “Powering the core of NYC since 1976,” to the client’s business card.


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