Lee & Low Books

“The splendor of Kong-Savage’s paper collages adds to the storytelling with rich overlapping compositions and patterns.” —Kirkus Review

“…striking, precise paper-collage scenes…”
—Publishers Weekly

Lee & Low Books is the largest multicultural children’s book publisher in the United States. I am proud to make my kidlit debut with them, illustrating Helena Ku Rhee‘s The Turtle Ship. It was released this summer 2018, and I am delighted that the book has received critical praise from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Review, and even a starred review in School Library Journal.

The picture book is loosely based on the legendary admiral Yi Sunsin. The fictional story is about a young boy of 16th century Korea. Inspired by his pet turtle and motivated by a wish to travel the world, he helps his king build one of the strongest battleships in history.


Illustration for The Turtle Ship cover
Illustration for The Turtle Ship cover


Illustration of Sunsin wishing he could travel



The Turtle Ship, building the second raft
Illustration of building the second raft



The Turtle Ship, arrival
Illustration of Sunsin and family arriving at the palace



The Turtle Ship, sea battle
Illustration of Battle of Myeongnyang



The Turtle Ship, sunset
Illustration of Sunsin as adult