Graphics Grab Bag

One of the bonuses of being a freelancer is the variety in projects that flow through my studio. My clients have a wide range of needs. In addition to illustrating images, I often design for them as well. Here is just a sample of what comes through my studio.


QUIDD (Games)
Trading cards have gone digital. With apps like Quidd, they are no longer confined to shoe boxes under the bed. Now they exist on phones, ready to be pulled up traded from any spot with internet.



(Children’s illustration)
In addition to providing resources to regional farms, the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC) strives to enhance ties between farms and the local community, as well as educated consumers. SMADC has an outreach program, which encourages children to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. The program developed a cast of characters to help carry out the mission. SMADC commissioned me to illustrate this school year’s coloring activity book using this cast, which had been established by previous artists.



A Few More Odds and Ends