See See Multimedia


See See Multimedia is a production company that creates videos for businesses and non-profit organizations to use in the promotion of their brand or cause.

The client was seeking a look that could appeal to the corporate world while maintaining an edge in its personality. The initial request was to design See See Multimedia’s logo. Later on I also designed its marketing collateral.

The quirkiness of the eyeball is anchored down by the dark blue and white color scheme. A fun coincidence: I derived the logo from an old tv test signal. The concentric circles toward the center of the design reminded me of an eyeball and I went with it. The founder of See See Multimedia is from Turkey and loved how the eye was reminiscent of a nazur, or a Turkish amulet used to ward off the evil eye.

SEE SEE BLUE logo.jpg2
Logo design


See bizcard
Business card design


SeeSee brochure
Brochure design


SeeSee web banner
Web banner design