Nassau County Museum of Art Book Fest

A few pics from Sunday’s Children’s Book Fest at Nassau County Museum of Art. The festival was only one day, but PICTURE THIS! The Art of Children’s Books is on til Jan 12, 2020

A Portrait to Celebrate Family

One of my clients in California recently welcomed a second baby into his family. To commemorate the moment, he commissioned me to create a family portrait. I documented the month-long process of creating the 10″x15″ paper collage by taking snapshots along the way.

Sip ‘n’ Snip! Collage Workshop

Sip ‘n’ Snip: Collage Workshop (age 21+)
October 25, Fri 7-8:30pm
Nassau Museum of Art,
One Museum Drive, Roslyn Harbor, NY

Enjoy a glass of wine or a pint from local Garvies Point Brewery while I share the illustration process for my debut picture book, The Turtle Ship (written by Helena Ku Rhee). See how the artwork of this Freeman Honor book evolved from rough sketches to “striking, precise paper-collage” (Publishers Weekly). I’ll demonstrate my picture-making technique, and then we’ll all pick up papers and scissors to create our own images. Tickets are available through the following link (first drink is complimentary):–Sketch-with-an-Artist

Pigeons Come Home to Roost in the Bronx

Those city pigeons that were loitering about St. Agnes NYPL at the tail end of summer have migrated north to the Bronx, where they will live from now on. Pizza Rat too. I’m pleased to announce that a more compact version of my art show “Penchant for Paper” is on display at the Bronx Library Center. I spent a whole morning hammering a ruckus in the library and being understandably shushed by a two-year-old in order to hang 12 framed pieces (two previously unseen), which will be there from now through November 30.

October 2 – November 30, 2019
Bronx Library Center
310 E Kingsbridge Rd.

Art Show at NYPL

I am pleased to announce my summer show:


An Exhibition of Original Collage Illustrations

August 1-31, 2019
NYPL St. Agnes Library
444 Amsterdam Avenue
(between 81/82 Sts.)

Opening reception: August 2, Friday 4-5:50pm, Third Floor

As a picture book artist, I plough through hundreds of titles to keep abreast of work done in my field. What a joy to have access to the New York Public Library’s vast network of books, which you can tap from any branch library (or even online for e-books and audio). This NYPL of ours is an amazing resource. I learned Excel in a computer class and other programs through for free. I learned where to find support for small businesses like my freelance illustration, a bit of Spanish through Mango Languagesfree through NYPL. NYPL even gives us free access to other cultural institutions, as well as author talks, music and dance performances, and art exhibits like this one.

Among the original paper collage works I am exhibiting are images from my debut children’s book The Turtle Ship by Helena Ku Rhee, designs for Greeting Card Universe, and favorite images from my personal portfolio. I am also creating site-specific work for the occasion. Some pigeons will be coming to roost in the St. Agnes library stairwell for this August.

Illustrations are meant for mass reproduction in print or on screen, but this show allows illustrations to be seen in their singular original form. It allows the viewer to appreciate the textures of the images’ materials, their imperfections, and their craft.

If you would like to buy or have questions about the artwork, please send me a message through my contact page.

Here Comes the New Year

We’re ready for 2019.
Introducing the latest additions to the Konga Line on Greeting Card Universe.


2019 New Year Card


Lunar New Year card for Year of the Pig.


Chinese New Year card


Atlantic Weedboard

With so much happening around the legalization of marijuana, I was excited to create artwork for Atlantic WeedBoard’s landing page. The WeedBoard hosts a selection of shops selling legal cannabis products and also offers local cannabis-related news and information in different states in the Northeast. Atlantic WeedBoard continues to grow as the news develops. This September they unveiled their animated site to the public.


A Mural in the East Village

Parantha Alley @ The Bowery Market, mural on Great Jones Street

Parantha Alley ventured into Manhattan for a few months before ultimately deciding to focus on its three stations in Brooklyn and Queens food fairs. While my clients occupied The Bowery Market, they commissioned me to paint this bright colored mural, riffing off everyday Indian culture: autorickshaws, monkeys, crooked politicians, cricket, etc. Murals are not in my regular scope of work, but when it’s April and the sunshine is returning to NYC, it’s a real treat to spend your days outside with a brush in your hand.

Open for business. The main service window from within the compact Bowery Market.