Sheriff Bob


Some clients know exactly what they want. They just need a production artist to pull their vision together into a sharp, professional design, maybe tweak their idea, and create mechanicals—or digital files—that the printer can output.

For example, bluegrass musician Sheriff Bob wanted an old letter for the cover of his next CD with a postage stamp of his face. I perused the web for an open-source image of aging paper to create the envelope, then pieced together the edges, so that the dimensions of the envelope matched those of the CD. I suggested hand-lettering (instead of type) and adding a postmark. He requested his birthdate for the postmark, and I researched the postage rates and the look of stamps from 1939. Below is the result.

Sheriff CD front web

Sheriff Disc:Back

And here’s a billboard he uses for the monthly bluegrass jam sessions he runs in the West Village. The Sheriff knew his design layout and had images. However each photo needed to be color-balanced and properly sized in Photoshop, the old logo needed to be updated and cleaned up in Illustrator, before collaging all the elements into one big InDesign document, which in turn was formatted as a pdf file for large-scale printing.