Design for Business


Nameclouds is to baby names what Pandora is to music. This fun app helps expectant parents think of names for their baby-to-be. The user enters a favorite name, and using data from the US Census and Social Security, the program predicts what names will appeal to the user. Dataworks invited me to illustrate and stylize the app and its website.

Parantha Alley is one of many fantastic food vendors at Smorgasburg, that gastronomic orgy that happens every summer weekend in Brooklyn. Parantha is shallow-fried Indian flatbreads filled with various meats and vegetables. The business wanted to stand out among the 100 vendors that make up Smorgasburg. The owners requested a tent design recalling the Red Fort (Parantha Alley in Old Delhi is around the corner from the historic Red Fort), and using my collaged paper style.

Friends & Farms was like a personal shopper for the dinner table. Every week the business assembled “baskets” of fresh produce straight from regional farms, then distributed them to customers from the back of a truck. Friends & Farms prided itself in stellar customer service and creating a sense of community. They thought my signature illustration style of collaged papers was the perfect medium to convey the friendly, down-to-earth, and easygoing spirit of their business.


Trading cards have gone digital. With apps like Quidd, they are no longer confined to shoe boxes under the bed. Now they exist on phones, ready to be pulled up and traded from any spot with internet connection. And below are a few more production assignments that have flowed across my desktop.