The Big Picture

I am a teaching artist. I work with school kids and communities to create murals.

NYC is an art capital of the world. Yet hundreds of our public schools don’t have art programs, which is a shame, because art trains us to think creatively. It exercises our mind in ways different from math, science, sports, etc. Expression is a fundamental part of human nature, and we are visual beings. We are communicators. How could art not be a part of our education?

D Is 4 Diversity

PS/MS 279 & Thrive Collective

D is 4 Diversity. Captain Manuel Rivera Jr. PS/MS279 is located in the Bronx. The D and the 4 trains are the subway lines serving this neighborhood. The middle school wanted to explore and express the theme of diversity in their murals. How do we see diversity? In our hairstyles, our clothes, our attitudes… and our art. I wanted to keep the flavor of each student’s character design in the final painting. Here is the result.

At Home

ArtBridge / Woodside NYCHA

As an artist in the City Canvas program, I was assigned to create artwork for Woodside NYCHA houses. Fellow artists and I were also tasked with leading workshops, where community members had an opportunity to be creative. Workshop attendees helped conceptualize the artwork, which was printed on vinyl, then installed on one of the many long-standing scaffolds in their development. My piece explored the idea of home. Students from neighboring William Cullen Bryant high school were asked to describe home. Among the answers: where I sleep, difficult and hard, my family, where I can be by myself, where I think.

Design Your Future

South Bronx Community Charter High School
& Thrive Collective

Designed and directed mural celebrating new building for SBCCHS