Art Show at NYPL

I am pleased to announce my summer show:


An Exhibition of Original Collage Illustrations

August 1-31, 2019
NYPL St. Agnes Library
444 Amsterdam Avenue
(between 81/82 Sts.)

Opening reception: August 2, Friday 4-5:50pm, Third Floor

As a picture book artist, I plough through hundreds of titles to keep abreast of work done in my field. What a joy to have access to the New York Public Library’s vast network of books, which you can tap from any branch library (or even online for e-books and audio). This NYPL of ours is an amazing resource. I learned Excel in a computer class and other programs through for free. I learned where to find support for small businesses like my freelance illustration, a bit of Spanish through Mango Languagesfree through NYPL. NYPL even gives us free access to other cultural institutions, as well as author talks, music and dance performances, and art exhibits like this one.

Among the original paper collage works I am exhibiting are images from my debut children’s book The Turtle Ship by Helena Ku Rhee, designs for Greeting Card Universe, and favorite images from my personal portfolio. I am also creating site-specific work for the occasion. Some pigeons will be coming to roost in the St. Agnes library stairwell for this August.

Illustrations are meant for mass reproduction in print or on screen, but this show allows illustrations to be seen in their singular original form. It allows the viewer to appreciate the textures of the images’ materials, their imperfections, and their craft.

If you would like to buy or have questions about the artwork, please send me a message through my contact page.